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California Real Estate Services

We offer many services in regards to Real Estate in fact that is our primary focus because more people have become millionaires from real estate than any other form of investing. Even though our team is mostly focused on real estate investments we are well versed in all aspects of real estate to include the sale of new construction, re-sale of houses and condominiums (condos), multiple units, land and apartment buildings.

In this changing market our team has also become well educated and experienced in dealing with banks to accomplish a win-win short sale for all parties involved including the current owner of the property, the new buyer and Agent(s) involved.

We continuously study the market conditions to ensure that a property is priced correctly for the fastest sale of which the market can bare. One of our primary focuses when dealing with our buyer clients' is to ensure they don't over pay for a property so they can avoid being in a bad situation later in the future.

Mortgage Services

All of our team members are here for you to help find the best loan program for your situation. We are Senior Loan Officers for Home Quest Mortgage Services.

Unlike many of our competitors that only have access to their own in house programs, our industry relationships allow us to provide 100s of loan programs for you and your family to get the best rates and the lowest payments. We can access loans from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Transaction Services

Our latest division that has been added to our extensive portfolio of services is Taggett Services which was designed to take the headache away from the hardworking Agents and instead focus the paperwork on individuals that are dedicated to making sure the file is 100% Department of Real Estate (DRE) compliant.  Our fees are very competitive and we even put the complete file on CD for your brokerage to maintain for their records at no additional charge.