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California Real Estate Investment funds As great investments come our way they will will be shared in this section.

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Real Estate Tools

In this section of our site you will find some useful tools that can be used to assist you on your path to becoming a successful real estate investor. Some of these tools are provided directly from us whereas others are links to other sites where the tools are stored.

Provided by REI Powerhouse

We are always creating and enhancing tools for our clients to use on a daily or transactional basis.

Financial Planning

Having a sound financial plan is crucial in real estate investing, here you will find tools that will help you that are provided free of charge.

Personal Monthly Budget - Provided by Microsoft
Requires Microsoft Excel


Real Estate Property / Area Tools

All of the tools listed here are ones that are designed for your use while looking up either local market information or property location information.

Google Earth - Provided by Google
Offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches. (Useful for looking at locations of properties from the comfort of your home or office)

Zillow provides free real estate information including homes for sale, comparable homes, historical sales, home valuation tools and more. (Not completely accurate but gives a general idea)

Provides a similar service as Zillow however the values have never been equal on any property we have tried. Once again for a general idea of area prices, a good real estate investor tool.
Opinion of value on residential and commercial properties.